Would You Rather?! (Bookish Version)


So here I am, stalking Laini Taylor's blog (it's my part time job, my full time is being awesome), and I realized, I love this woman's writing. And I'm not talking about her books, but everything she writes is freaking brilliant! That includes random blog posts about jar cakes and whatever.

Which brought me to the idea: LET'S PLAY WOULD YOU RATHER!!

1.Would you rather choose a very well written book (I'm talking words of gold here), with a very dull plot, OR, a very interesting plot written in a way that threatens to make your eyes bleed?

My answer: I think I would go with the well written book. If you don't know, there's this little editor that lives inside of me and points out all the mistakes in a book. If I ever read a badly written book, I would have a hard time enjoying it because of the little jerk.

2.Would you rather meet your favorite author while making a complete fool out of yourself, or have your most hated book character be your roommate?

My answer: Oh.. that's tough. I think the whole making a fool out of myself is too much to handle. I mean, I will have a hard time bouncing back from that. I will go with the second choice because a) How cool would it be to have a fictional character come to life? and b) I will try to convince them to bring more fictional characters into our dimension. BAM, fictional character party!

3. Would you rather be Katniss Everdeeen, and get thrown into THG, with no guarantee you'll win, or be Harry Potter, and get thrown into the Triwizard Tournament, with again no guarantee of winning?

My answer: Hmm, I think I'll go with Harry Potter. I mean, in the hunger games, you either win or you die, and let's face it, my survival skills are downright embarrassing. At least with Harry Potter the odds are in my favor. Except, you know, the part where I come across Voldemort...

4. Would you rather have a pet dragon that accidentally sets things on fire, or a pet parrot that tells people what you really think of them?

My answer: I'm sorry, you lost me after dragon. I'll go with the dragon, OFCOURSE!

5. Would you rather be the super villain in a story, and get to survive, or the superhero and die midway?

My answer: Again, you lost me after villain. Where do I sign up for my villain costume, please?  


Alright, I want to know your picks for those situation. Enlighten me, angry french fries.. (It's been a long time since I gave you guys a nickname, so I saved best for last )

Also, feel free to do this on your own blog too! Whether you stick to those questions or add new ones is up to you. The more the merrier ;) 


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