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About the Blogger:    

 Lover of everything written or drawn, I spend my days on a beach reading books from my grand library.
    HA. Just kidding, you guys.
   My library isn't that big, but I'm working on it. And I don't go to the beach all that often (even though I live in a coastal city.) I'm Reem , from Egypt, and the only true thing about the first statement is that I'm an avid reader. I recently started blogging (late 2012) , and I'm loving every bit of it. Whether I get to share with you my meaningless blabbers or reviews, it's something that I recently found out that I love doing. As you can see, my favorite genre is YA. I found myself in that genre, and it turned me into a reading addict.

     If you're a multi-millionaire who for no apparent reason wants to give me all his fortune, send me an email.

    ..or if you just have any questions. But it's preferred if you're the millionaire. 


Review policy: 

I am open for reviewing books per request.  Whether they are eBooks or physical ones. 
  • Preferably in the YA/NA genre. 
  • No non-fiction or religion related books. 
  • I'd like a 1-4 weeks time frame in order to finish reading and reviewing a book. 

I am also open for guest posts, author interviews, and blog tours. Please contact me via email, as I'm regularly checking it.

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