My Drawings

Hey there! In addition to reading like a nutcrack, I also like drawing. One day, while sitting on the edge of I river I thought to myself "Hey! You like reading, you like drawing, why don't you mix those two things together, instead of fantasizing about sitting on the edge of a river?" And so I did. I started this page so I can add up all of my book-related drawing for you guys. Have fun!


A Marionette's Last Dance

This one was inspired by Zuzana's marionette performance in Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I wanted to draw a full length puppeteer behind her but I wasn't please with the results. Also, a whole lot of coffee went into this drawing. Find the original drawing here

We Dreamed Together of The World Remade 

This is one of Karou's quotes from the very last chapters of Daughter of Smoke and Bones. The nerd in me couldn't help but draw it out. Also, that's a handless hamsas (if you read the book you'll understand what that is) I tried to draw a hand but was not impressed. Fun fact: The word Hamsas originates from Khamsa, meaning five in Arabic. It's a symbol to fight the evil eye. I have a hamsa bracelet. Or used to, I think I broke it :/



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