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Janelle Stalder's indie series, Eden, was one of the first indies I have ever came across, and I adored it. It was a fun fantasy, with humor, action, and interesting characters thrown in. There's no difference when it comes to this new dystopian of hers. Unlike the series, however, this is more NA, and with it, comes the tropes of the genre. (very, very)steamy scenes,  bad boys and some little flirting and lots of innuendos and cursing. Here's how I like to think about this book, it's just like NA contemporaries, but throw in a dystopian setting.

Like most indie books, there is always something left to be desired. Like that last touch of magic traditionally published books have. Compared to others, Janelle's writing is really good. Yet still, the inner editor in me would point out sentences that could have been phrased better, or things that ought to step the novel up. Also, I would have liked more world building, and less insta-love, although like I said, the relationships in here are pretty ... intense. In a good way, of course.

The good thing, though, is that Janelle knows how to write a likeable bad boy. Yeah, sure, McKay's got the good looks and the tattoos, but he's not rude or annoying like other bad boys ten to be. Even though I had a hard time telling them apart, McKay's friends also added that boy-ish humor I love in books like these.

I'd recommend this book if you're looking for something light, fun, and ssssteamy. (Oh, I mentioned that already? Silly me).

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