Dissolution Kickstarter Launch!


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What is Dissolution?

What if there is another world, just beyond our own? It's there, it's footfalls are in sync with ours, but just slight enough that we fail to notice - and if we do, it's a barely-perceptible scratching noise that makes our hair stand on end. A shadowy movement out of the corner of our eye. The smell of roses where there is no reason for them to exist. A heartbeat whose source cannot be traced by our human ears. A world we fail to notice - but most definitely notices us. Now, imagine the veil being lifted and that world revealed at last - would you cling to your sanity or feel it slip between your fingers?
2012 saw a creative flowering of several projects in which I was involved as an illustrator. I decided that I needed to make time for Dissolution, which I first wrote as a 300+ page novel in 2005. I wanted to see it in color, in images, give the characters faces to go with their names, and above all, SHARE the story so that others could see it too. I established a website in September of 2012 where I could share comic pages (and random thoughts/recipes) weekly.

Can I see any samples of your work?

Samples? Heck, you can go see exactly what you'll be getting! Well, the first half of it or so. Visit Dissolution, I update weekly with a new page! The printed version you are backing encompasses the first 48 pages of the story, far more than the website currently displays, but it's all set and ready to go and you hopefully will be able to tell from what's already available if it's a story that piques your interest! There are also several pages shown below, at the bottom of this write-up. Warning: There IS some mature content (language, violence, nudity) in this story!

What is the money going to be used for?

I will print a run of at least 200 copies of Volume One - the first 48 pages of Dissolution. If I get more backers, I will print more copies! That may seem like a small amount, but I am excited to even start with that. In addition, funds will cover merchandise included in tier level rewards - t-shirts, stickers, mini-buttons, and art prints. If there is a little left over, it will be funneled into purchasing an artist's booth at one of our local (or close-to-local) conventions (Shooting for one of the following: April 6-7, 2013 - Planet Comicon (in Kansas City); June 21-23, 2013 - Trek Expo ; or July ?? 2013 - Tokyo in Tulsa).

Who are you?

Hi! My name is Indi Martin. I write, I illustrate, I don't sleep as much as I should. I've been drawing and writing all of my life - I actually have several completed novels, but am generally too much of a perfectionist to be happy enough with them to shop them around. Though I've done a lot of illustrating for projects, I still consider myself amateur simply because I have never been paid - or paid much - to complete them. My largest and longest dream has always been to someday make a living - even a super-meager one - through my creative endeavors!
I love to Geocache in my spare time (I'm "Starbuck2011" in the Tulsa Area Geocachers group!) and really bliss out when I find high terrain-high difficulty caches first! I don't consider myself an "avid" hiker, but I'd love to be. I took some time out from life to hike the Appalachian Trail a few years ago and completed about 1000 miles of it - considering I had never actually camped out more than one night at a time prior to that, I'm glad the risk paid off and I grew to love it! Video:

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