Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1)


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Rating: 5/5 stars! 

My expression while/ after reading this book was: 

You get the idea.. 

I was at such loss of words, that the only coherent reason I came up with as to why this book is so awesome is this: Laina Taylor is a freak.
A total freak. And here's why:

1)Here writing is amazing
 I'm sure you've read this alot in previous reviews, but it is no secret: her writing is truly out of this world. I have never really cared about the writing style of an author, but Laini's words deserve to be credited. 

2) She is the master of word flow. Alot of people says she masters the show don't tell technique, but this isn't really what caught my attention.It's how her words flow from one subject to another with such ease. Laini is the kind of person that can start a paragraph talking about sheesh kabab and end it with the United State's foreign policies and you won't feel anything is out of context. Her words just flow.

3)She doesn't describe places, she paints a picture. I have never been to Prague(and I don't know if she has) but after reading this book, I have a strong mental picture of the scenes she described. Same thing goes for Morocco. It amazes me that perhaps Laini didn't go to any of these places, but she knows how to paint them in words. I loved that little tiny detail she gave about Cairo(hello? shisha den!). 

4)She made me like insta-love. Okay, so if I get into the insta-love part of the novel, I might have to spoil some of the plot twists and I don't want to. But anyway, she knows how to write a beautiful,(and original) love story. And though I hate insta-love and love at first sight, this time around, I totally bought it. (yeah, she's that good). If you have read the book, you'll know what I'm talking about.

5)She has pink hair which is awesome. 

6)She created Akiva and Karou I'm not sure I should talk about Akiva because that would call for alot of fangirling and so. But here's what you should know about him: he's different. He's different than any other YA male character I've read. I mean he's tortured, drop-dead beautiful, and mysterious (all stigmas of main love interest), but he's still.. different. I can't really say how. 
As for Karou, I love how strong and independent her character is. I mean, I understand how strong love can be sometimes, but she doesn't let it get in the way of her priorities. Finally a female protagonist who doesn't have her life revolving around her boyfriend or so.. 

7)The whole concept of the novel is original Laini took concepts like Daemons versus Angels and mythology, and created something new out of it. I can't really describe how creative the back story to this novel is. You just have to read it. 

8)The storyline The way Laini reveals plot twists between flashbacks and subtle hints throughout the novel is what made this book what it is. Gripping. 

I recommend this story to anyone looking for something worthwhile in the YA genre. (I recommend it for  mature audience aswell.) This book has some scenes that will break your heart and ones that will make you laugh out loud. It's a rollercoaster ride that everyone should get in on.

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