Hall of Fame & Shame: A new meme!


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        Happy Friday everyone! So, here I am, sitting in my humble abode, thinking of  my humble blog, when a humble AWESOME idea comes to mind.
         A Friday meme, everyone!
So, the idea of this meme is to list a few things/memories you are ashamed of, and others you are proud of. They don't have to be book-related.
         I'll start with...

  • I still haven't completed the Harry Potter series. I know, I know, STOP THROWING TOMATOES PEOPLE! What would J.K Rowling think of me, especially that one day, I plan on meeting her? (and I will!). I have watched all the movies several times, but the book, well.. I made it to the the second book, but that's it. I do, however, plan on reading them this year. 

  • I sell my used books. This one personally irks me! I hate letting books go, even if they are ones I hate.  But hey, it's not like I'm spending money on strippers or anything, I use it to buy new books. It's just that I wish I was one of those people who have like a huge library.
     One day...

  • I have never read the Twilight books. Ok, so I know it's morally wrong that a book blogger to be proud of not reading a book, but, come on! Don't I deserve some props for not falling into the Twilight hype? Oh, but before you come to the conclusion that I don't know anything about these books, hold on! I have read alot (ALOT) of reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, because quite honestly, they are downright hilarious, so I pretty much know all there is to know about Twilight.
         Wait, should I add the part about me liking to read bad reviews to my hall of shame?
  • Since the beginning of 2013, I never spent a week without reading a book. 

Hop in and let us know your Hall of Fame & Shame! Post the meme on your blog, and link us the post in the comments section bellow! ;) Don't forget to grab the Hall of Fame & Shame button! 

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