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So here's the thing, I've just finished watching three Batman movies back to back, and I feel the universe might turn itself upside down if I don't do atleast one post honoring the Joker. If you know anything about me, it is that I love villains. But people tend to dislike villains, and I understand it might have to do with them being sadistic assholes, but don't let one bad villain make you root for the... hero. Blekh. 

So in this post, I'll tell you how I classify villains as I see them.

The Weak Villain, example: Joffrey Baratheon.

Don't let the title fool you. There's nothing weak about what those villains do. Matter of fact, the likes of Joffrey tend to be the most ruthless  No, what I mean by weak is their inner self. After all, the way I see it, a villain is the same as a hero but with different ideals. The weak villain, however, has so such ideals, just a knack for a being a little pain in the ass. He is easy to overthrow, and even the villain lovers like myself despise him.

Shame on you for putting a bad name to the V, assface*.

The Full of It Villains, example: Any Bad King/President. 

Unlike the weak villain, the Full of It one has an ideal, and he chases it. Atleast, he tries. Too bad it's him that is weak. He thinks he's invincible because he has an army around him. Slip that army away, and you've got your self a naked Donald Duck that's trying to cover himself up.

The Detached Villain, example: The Bane/Tywin Lannister (or any mysterious guy in a leather chair).

To be honest, the detached villains are a 
hit or miss for me. Take the Bane for example. He was simply a guy behind a facial mask. Scary? Maybe. But there was no base to him. No charisma. Tywin Lannister on the other hand, is also detached, emotionless, but he a badass! That stern face of his is what makes him scary, not the fact that he advised someone to rape his wife.

Although that is pretty messed up, too.

The Annoying Villain, example: Dolores Umbridge.

Powerful or not, brilliant or not, you want that asshole dead. Matter of fact, if you got the chance to teleport into the books, you'll waste it killing them.

Also, Dolores Umbridge is one of the many reasons I hate pink.

The Psychotic, Genius Schemer, example: The Joker.

I know I don't need to elaborate, but here's my two cents: If a character is manipulative enough, that it can get you to second guess your morals and beliefs, and lure you into adopting their corrupt ones, then this is what makes a good villain. It's as much about mind games than it is about how much power you pack. Physically, the Joker has no power to be mentioned, but that beautifully twisted mind of his is what makes him dangerous.

And yes, I was semi-rooting for the Joker. It might have something to do with the fact that our make-up skills are pretty much the same, though.


Just to clarify, I have nothing against Jack Gleeson. He's a brilliant actor. So much, that he convinced us he's so evil, while in reality, he's like..

Can you FEEEEL the danger he's emitting? Evil bastard.

So, what's your favorite kind of villain, if any?


Also, since we are on the topic of villains, here is a Movie Villain Medley that is downright hilarious (and it has the Joker in it) by Jon Cozart. 


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