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Have I ever introduced you guys to my meh-o-meter before? No, I promise, this isn't an innuendo.

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know my brain is messed up. Big time. The meh-o-meter is just one way the mess manifests itself. The meh-o-meter doesn't help at all with the overall rating of the book, but it does help shape my review. Basically, it's the number of times my inner voice goes..meh whilst reading a book.

This meh can be an indication of a cliche character, a badly written scene, a plot hole, annoying dialogue/characters. 

To put it into perspective, while reading Finnikin of The Rock, one of my all time favorites, my meh-o-meter was no where in sight. While reading The 5th Wave, a highly aggravating book for me, my meh-o-meter was sky rocketing.

And then there is Divergent.

Insecure MC? Meh.

Awkward dialogue between Tris and Four? Meh.

Characters over analyzing each other out loud to build characterization even though those could be delivered in a much subtler way? Meh.

World building? Meh. 

Writing? Huge meh. 

Ending? Yup, you guessed it.. Meh.

Now to be fair, some of these need to be further addressed  Like the writing for example. It isn't at all terrible, it gets straight to the point. But you know whose writing does that too in a much more layered way? Suzanne Collins. Now, I promise this will be the first and last comparison I ever make between the two books because, other than Tris and Katniss rhyming together, both of them have nothing in common. But if I read an excerpt from any of Roth's other books, I wouldn't be able to tell it's her, and for a book that was as hyped as Divergent was, I was expecting more. The action delivered, though. There was more than enough to go around, and if anything, this was a highly entertaining read. There was always something happening.

And the MC, Tris Prior? I didn't hate her, but some of the things she did truly annoyed me. Most of all was how she felt insecure about her looks. Now, I can't stress this enough, but I DON'T like reading about female characters insecure about their body. Not because it's unrealistic, or wrong. Absolutely not. Whatever you think of your body is up to you, but I would love to read about a girl who feels confident in her skin for a change. Having Tris complain about her bony body made me uneasy. I have this theory, which may or may not be true, that having more female characters that are confident in their bodies will in return encourage girls to feel like it's OKAY to be secure. That it's okay to like what you see in the mirror.

But I'm not limiting Tris to what she thought of her looks. She was a very brave character, and I loved that about her. Jumping off a seven story building? That's some badassery right there. I couldn't imagine doing the same.

The idea of factions was hard to get my head around. Plus, too many aspects of the world building was left unclear. Was this faction thing nation wide? Was this only in Chicago? How did it happen? Maybe it was explained, and I just didn't notice. I tend to do that.

Aaand the romance. For a book so high on my meh-o-meter, the romance was surprisingly done well. There has to be sufficient reasons as to why two characters might like each other. I understood why Tris did. 
 Four was someone I'd like to date. He balances attractiveness with likability. He was mature, and charming, and very smart. But often, with first-person books, I keep wondering why the other person is attracted to our narrator. Here, it wasn't the case. I could see why a guy like Four would be interested in Tris. Roth put in enough scenes to explain that, and so the romance developed nicely, without the insta-love that is a trademark of so many books.

The ending was one of my least favorite parts. I can't pin point what it is that I didn't like. I guess that throughout the novel, I kept expecting the ending to pick things up, and make me understand just why this book is so hyped. That wasn't the case. It was at parts rushed, somewhat predictable and too simple for my liking.

Final words: Liked it, but it didn't live up to the hype.

Did you read the book? Then let's discuss the hell out of it!

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