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      Kids, if it's a dystopian, it will get compared to The Hunger Games.

I could easily single out the differences between THG and Angelfall,  because there are loads of them. Angelfall takes a more paranormal side, with an apocalypse caused by deadly angels. Penryn has managed to survive those angels so far, but when her sister gets kidnapped by one, Penryn has to make a deal with an enemy angel.

Aaaaand the awesomeness ensues.

I know what you're thinking, is this one of those novels where two characters are stuck together, start going all mushy and goewy, ruining the entire plot? 

This is the thing that I like the most about this book. Ee had the opportunity to ruin this book big time, and yet she chose to go with a route that didn't make me want to tear my hair out. Don't get me wrong, there is romance, it just didn't over shadow the main plot. Penryn had her priorities straight, and saving her sister came first.

Penryn is what I like to call a bad ass, who actually act like their age entitles.  If you have to compare her to Katniss, I'm going to say while Katniss was more on the analytical/mature side, Penryn was on the humorous side. Many a times I found my self smiling because of something she said, which is a new thing to me, because the one liners usually come from the love interest's side.

Oooh, the love interest! Can we talk about Raffe? Matter of fact, can we dump everything and just talk about him?

Raffe shrugged every single cliche YA love interests have, and walked straight into my open arms. OK, he was drop dead gorgeous, just like 99% of the guys, but come on.. HE'S AN ANGEL! He also wasn't an ass hole. Detached? Maybe. Just not an asshole, which is something that matters to me a lot.

If I am so in love with this book, then why did I greedily take a star away? Well, because both the world building and the ending could have been done better. While this book was fast paced and there was always something happening, I would have liked it to slow down just a tiny bit, and explain some elements of the story. Until page 200, I was unsure of why the angels had descended in the first place, and why did they target the holy sites. Also, the ending fell a bit weak to me. It's not entirely unsatisfactory, but you know.. I just wanted more.

Would I recommend this? Hell yes. Fast paced, entertaining, with a great protagonist  and an equally great love interest. The side characters were fleshed out as well. Also, I noticed Susan Ee doesn't shy from gory scenes (like.. REALLY gory), which is good considering this is an apocalyptic novel, and some crap is bound to go down.

Final Words: *Boston accent* Read this, pumpkin.

Have you read the books? Then let's discuss the hell out of it! 
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