Here's The Thing About Commenting...


Here's the thing, when I first started blogging I did some really stupid stuff. I mean, didn't we all? No?.. Oh, okay. Anyway, this is my  take on things I wish I knew when I started blogging...

Commenting is great. While it's a way to get people to know your blog, it isn't the only  way. So please, for the love of all that's great and shiny, don't use it as a way of spam. Here's what I mean by this:

Person A: Yo, I really love what you said about that thing with the things coming out of it. Keep it up, bro. 

Person B: You know I can totally relate to what you said. *a few sentences later* Anyway, here's the link to my blog. Give it a visit. Maybe while you're there.. leave a comment. And maybe like follow me? And donate 1,000 $ so I can raise awareness about rainbow ponies? Lol, no pressure though :) 

See, even though Person B's comment is much more thoughtful, it gives off the feeling that they're doing this JUST to direct traffic back to their blog. It feels like a ripoff, you know? It takes genuineness out of your comment. Which brings me to the next thing..

If a blogger wants to visit your blog, they'll find a way. If a blog has Blogger's commenting system, just clicking on your name will take them to your blog. If it's Wordpress, be sure to enter your website's url (there's a place for that). Same for Disqus, Intense Debate, and whatever else commenting system they use.

But is a blogger obliged to visit your blog just because you left a comment? No. Absolutely not. If you leave a comment, don't expect one back. A lot of the bloggers I know, including myself, do leave a comment back. Especially if it is a new visitor I haven't seen before. But I understand if other bloggers don't do that. There are people who get several comments per day, and trying to reply to each and every one AND leaving a new comment on your blog is almost impossible.

So what should you do? I'm in no place to tell you what to do. You're the boss of you, boss! But here's what I do: If it's a blogger I know, I don't bother replying right away, because they are on my Bloglovin' feed, so I'm bound to comment on theirs anyway. If it's someone new, I always take time to check their blog.

Just a friendly advice, please, for the love of Big Tasty, make sure you have ANY sort of link back to your blog on your Disqus profile. It bothers me when I can't find someone's blog.

What is your commenting etiquette?! 

P.S: I had no idea what picture to use for this post, so I went with a dolled up minion. Minions never fail me. 


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