The Different Types of Readers



Spending time in a book reading community means you get to categorize some of the reviewers/readers after a while. Don't get me wrong, I love y'all! But everyone has a different approach to reading.

   And now, I'll attempt to categorize YOU! (be scared.)

Type A: The Fast Reader, aka, the swag master.

Strength: When faced with a pile of ARCs that will expire, the swag master is able to devour all of them within a week. The swag master puts reading first, and everything else second.

Weakness: The swag master most likely walks with an empty wallet, because they consume books faster than most.

Type B: The Slow Reader, aka, the chill pill. 

Strength: Taking
 a lot of time reading a book means they are able to fully analyze the itty bitty details. They'll read sentences over and over again just because they liked them. They don't give a fuck about their reading schedule because friend... they are da chill pill! 

Weakness: Don't lend them your books. Dear god don't EVER LEND THEM YOUR BOOKS! 

Type C: The Know It All, aka, the hermoine granger. 

Strength: The hermoine granger is able to both read a book quickly AND fully analyze it, writing a constructive review that leaves you somewhat suicidal envious. 

Weakness: I don't know man. I mean they're just so goddamn good at what they do. Ugh.. stupid perfect readers! 

Type D: The Compulsive Buyer, aka, the bookish Paris Hilton. 

Strength: They have a book shelf you'd die for. 

Weakness: They've only read 10% of said bookshelf. 

Type E: The Emotional Reader, aka, the bookish drama queen. 

Strength:  They probably enjoy the reading experience more than anyone, because they become ridiculously invested in the story. 

Weakness: Their book hangovers extend to days, if not weeks. 

Type F: The Hard to Please Reader, aka, authors' worst nightmare. 

Strength: They get to write the best ranty reviews (which let's admit, we ALL enjoy). 

Weakness: When they do find that book that pleases them, they will NEVER stop talking about it. Matter of fact, they become so in love with said book, they slowly mutate into becoming a clone of it. (Yes, they become a bunch of papers in a pretty cover. I've seen it happen, OK?)

Type G: The Cover Lover, aka, all of us. (Don't deny it.)

Strength: They don't care about yo' blurb, or yo' author. All they care about is pretty ass cover of yours and dat pretty ass font that comes with it.

Weakness: They come across some shitty books with good covers, and miss out on some good yet ugly ones.

So now that I told you how I might categorize all of you bookish freaks, what type are you?! Oh, and please don't judge my drawing skills (or IQ level) by those illustrations I just pulled off, k? 


  1. Riley @ Reading Books in Bed
  2. Kat Kennedy
  3. Charlotte
  4. Fantasy Is More Fun
  5. Jasmine @ Flip That Page
  6. Annie
  7. Eve
  8. La Coccinelle
  9. Alise
  10. Leigh (Little Book Star)
  11. Stormy C
  12. Rinn (Rinn Reads)
  13. Teri
  14. Holly
  15. Tammy Cuevas
  16. Anya E. J.
  17. Tory
  18. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads
  19. Sarah @ Girl!Reporter
  20. Storm Auror
  21. Kriti Mishra
  22. Misty
  23. Gayle Harkonen Anderson
  24. Evil Hime
  25. Evil Hime
  26. Kell Smurthwaite
  27. Mandy Heermann
  28. Bernadett Cappy Negyela
  29. Jackie_d
  30. Darla Spratt
  31. Elizabeth
  32. Joe Hvezda
  33. ruthie
  34. Nayab Imtiaz
  35. Denisa Gabriela
  36. Denisa Gabriela
  37. d muk
  38. Kat Slavik
  39. Darlene R Barnes
  40. Phox Relvit
  41. Dezzy
  42. yana
  43. Becky Thomas
  44. Rocky
  45. mummydominique
  46. AshleyLynn
  47. Angel Liza Rymbai
  48. Vasuki Chandak
  49. Aritri Chatterjee
  50. uri
  51. ann
  52. Cireen Dela Rosa
  53. Mirela Radanovic
  54. Hoda H. Fadl
  55. Kathy
  56. Butch
  57. Bernice Crouse
  58. Dheeraj Kumar
  59. lb
  60. Tonestaple
  61. ElaineReads
  62. Emy Ali
  63. Rox
  64. southernbookworm
  65. Andrea Hite
  66. Rebecca Paul
  67. Aliera Golden
  68. David Anthony
  69. Aysel
  70. Jen Hull Becker
  71. Saturnian
  72. Patricia
  73. mizread
  74. BA Matthews (Fey)
  75. BA Matthews (Fey)
  76. BA Matthews (Fey)
  77. BA Matthews (Fey)
  78. BA Matthews (Fey)
  79. Abdou005
  80. Paula
  81. Katharina Martiny
  82. Annsherina

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