Characters You Shouldn't Dress Up As For Halloween



Halloween is right around the corner, so get your pumpkins ready, and more importantly, your costumes! Some of you might be contemplating dressing up as a fictional character, which is cool and all, but you have to put in mind that some characters don't make for a handy costume. 

1. Jacob Black, 

While he will certainly be an eye turner, turning into a werewolf  might be uncomfortable for some. Plus, he's too high of a goal to live up to. Although, if you're worried about getting Jacob's fantastic figure, just stick a six bun pack to your abs. No one will even notice. 

2. Batman 

Spandex is a bitch. 

3. Kantiss Everdeen, 

Unless you have some really great archery skills, you might poke someone's eye with an arrow. Exceptions can be made if you're in some really bad company. 

4. Edward Cullen, 

Requires excessive amount of glitter. 

5. Jon Snow, 

Under no circumstances should you go as Jon Snow. Unless, of course, you know nothing. 


Who are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let me know! 


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