Would You Rather: Round Two!


You guys liked it the first time, so I thought Round Two was in order! Let's begin the fun..

Would you rather have your entire book collection terribly ruined, or give them away to your biggest enemy in perfect condition?

This is tough. Like really. I'm the kind of person who can't handle a dog ear.

 What the hell am I supposed to do with a terribly ruined book collection?
 But then again, ain't now way I'm giving my babies to my biggest enemy. They stay with me.

Would you rather give away your reading ability (forever) for a supernatural one? 

No way. I mean, there are certain temptations, like, teleportation,but no. Life is tough without reading. And I wouldn't be able to write.

Naaah, it's too hard.

Would you rather have a friend that spoils every book/movie for you, or one that points out every plot hole? 

The plot hole asshole, I have to say. I mean, I don't mind someone pointing the flaws of a book or movie. I do it myself all the time. Someone spoiling them, on the other hand, will be in danger.

Would you rather have all  books in the world be in your favorite genre, or anything but?
Seeing as my favorite genre is fantasy, I'll have to go with the first choice. Be
cause fantasy includes a whoooole lot of sub genres, so I'll never get bored.


I want to know your answers! Let me know in the comments, or on your blog (be sure to leave me a link to your post). 


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