The Versatile Blogger Award & Facts About Me



So the awesomesauce Shannelle @TraceryOfInk gave me the versatile blogger award, which pretty much means I also get an Oscar. Right? ... no? Oh, well. But anyway, I am really honored.

So apparently, after receiving the award, I have to

a) Make a post announcing the win;
b) List some other bloggers, and give them a heads up about the dub;
c) Mention facts about myself

OK, if any of the bloggers mentioned below have a policy against awards, let me know. I already checked your About Me/Policy pages, but maybe I missed something.

So my picks are: 

1. Christina @Christina Reads YA

2. Asti @A Bookish Heart (She's already won a VBA, but it feels wrong not to mention her)

3. Charlotte @Gypsy Reviews 

4. Jasmine @Flip That Page 

5. Eve @Paper Sanctuary
6. Sana @Artsy Musings

There are so many others I want to add, but they have award free blogs. Basically, you're all fantastic.

Now for the fun part, facts about me: 

1. I was so chubby as a kid, my cheeks drooled on either side. Luckily, that's not the case anymore.

2. If put in direct sunlight, I sneeze. Why do I talk about myself as if I'm an inanimate object?

3. Astronomy and planetary science scare the shit out of me. I don't know why, but thinking about galaxies and planets gives me the creeps.

4. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll notice that I sometime tweet gibberish with numbers mixed in. Now, the sane explanation for that would be that I'm a cyborg in hiding. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I just type in Franco-Arab sometimes 
(Arabic using English characters) , and that's how it looks like. Gibberish.

5.I'm pretty good at soccer. 

6. Apart from writing, my second passion is directing, which bring us to..

7. I'm an absolute pain to watch movies with. If it's a low budget movie, I'll keep pointing out plot holes and rant about the shitty direction. If it's a high budget movie, I'll keep gushing. Either way, your loss.

8. I'm a Batman/Britney Spears hybrid. Nothing to comment on here. It's not like you didn't know already. 


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