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In My World:

Not much happened this week, although my writing progress has been awesome! I'm about to reach the half-mark on my book, so that's refreshing. Oh, and tomorrow I leave for our beach house for the Eid, so I might be on hiatus a couple of days. Happy Eid everyone!

On the blog:

I wrote a short story from a villain's perspective,
-I drew silly illustrations of the different types of readers. (Find out which one you are!) 
-I reviewed (and LOVED) Finnikin of The Rock by Melina Marchetta. 
-I also reviewed  The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.
Cover Reveal: 

This is one of my favourite Indie books ever, and today, the fourth in the series of Eden gets it's reveal. Tadaaa...

Find on Goodreads.

Around The Blogosphere:

- Asti  talks about the Second Book Syndrome 
-Eve discusses the annoying things people do while someone is reading.
-Jasmine debates Series vs. Standalones with her brother.
-Debby confesses she suffers from ARC envy
-Christina talks about the awesome things that publishers do.
-Alise discusses rating books you haven't finished.
-Chrys made an infographic to determine whether a negative review is bullying or not.
-The Blogger Panel on Ink Skies discuss sex in YA.-Jenn shares her musings on book hype. -Charlotte discusses how emotional she gets while watching or reading.-Leigh writes about what she doesn't like in reviews.
Helen asks you how to
 handle a crazy TBR pile?  

Also, this isn't exactly blog related, but I found this beautiful article called: You Should Date an Illiterate Girl by Charles Warnke. I've been quoting it for the past two days on twitter.

AND, here is this VERY important article responding to an idiotic prank that was done in Vidcon. Basically, a couple of guys saw it was okay to run after girls, grab them from behind, and walk away with them, hence "picking up" girls. Funny, right? right?


The video has been deleted, but here is an article written by author C. J Redwine explaining why it's not okay.

How was your week, evil pumpkins? (I haven't given you guys a nickname in a LONG time). 


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