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This is a new feature where I'll recap whatever happened on this blog and others during the last few days.

On I Read and Tell:

I've had a BIG week you guys. I'm talking over-throwing-a-president big.

On June the 30th, millions of Egyptians took to the streets to demand Pres. Muhammad Morsi leave his position. My family, and more than 10 million other Egyptians marched in protests, chanting "Erhal" (leave) and the high I felt from walking down the streets is just.. indescribable. I hadn't participated in the 25th of January protests (where we ousted Pres. Hosni Mubarak) because my family were too concerned. This time though, it was different. The police and the army stood by the protesters, even joining in on some occasions.

President Morsi had been in office for exactly 365 days, during which my country has seen inexplicable damage and deterioration. I don't want to burden you guys with politics, but the president, his government, and the Muslim Brotherhood who supported him were an example of fascism, political ignorance and misogyny. The latter is what got to me the most. On two occasions, an Egyptian Minister sexually harassed a female reporter, and no action whatsoever was taken against him.

Yesterday, however, everything changed. The military ousted President Morsi, and here is the Tahrir Square right after the military statement came out:

                         *wipes tears of joy* Beautiful isn't it?

So yeah, it's been one hell of a week; which meant my blogging was a bit terrible. I didn't manage to post any book reviews this week :(

PS: If you follow me on twitter, sorry for all the crazy amount of Arabic and political tweets I wrote this week.

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