Review: The Collector by Victoria Scott



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  • Dante (in the first half) 
    He was sort of a badass. If I ever meet him in real life, I would probably kick his ass so hard, he'll travel faster than the speed of light. He's conceited, rude, and full of himself. No, excuse me, saying full of himself iw underrating him. If Dante Walker ever gets cut, little Dantecules would seep out. I don't like the Dantes of the world. They irritate me, especially because they are always so.. unreadable. You can't understand what goes on inside the mind of a Dante Walker. And I'm the kind of person who likes to know those stuff. I don't trust people who put on a poker face 24/7. But meeting Dante and reading about him is different; that's why he's in this section of the review. While reading, you actually get to know what goes on his mind. What might appear as a conceited prick on the outside, is actually a good person on the inside.
  • Charlie 

    My biggest problem with bad-boy-good-girl scenarios is .. the good girl. If I can't understand why the guy fell in love with this ordinary plain girl, then this book is a no-no for me. Charlie, however, doesn't fall into the trope. She's intelligent, funny and hyper active and I didn't feel it  odd that Dante developed feelings for her.
  • Dante's first impression of Charlie

    I don't mean to be evil and rude here, but Dante's initial iffiness of Charlie felt realistic. She is not pretty, that much is known, and Dante is after all a teenage boy. I thought he was staying perfectly in character when he was internally dissing Charlie. This is who Dante is, he's never taken enough time to look into someone's personality and inner goodness, and so his initial reaction was spot on.
  • The pacing 

    This book has entertaining written all over it. I opened this book between shopping, while packing, on a bus ride, and was almost instantly immersed into the story. The writing has a lot to do with that. It's simplistic, and funny, making this an easy and fun read.

  • Dante (in the second half) 

    The change from bad to good guy is something I don't usually like.  It's just that I always find the "bad" phase more interesting and funny. 
    Granted, the transformation was done somewhat better here than in other books.
  • The ending 

    This was the weakest part of the book. It felt somewhat cliche and cheesy. Also, without any spoilers, there was an unnecessary event that happened at the end that made me mad.

You're looking for something some laughs and something not too complicated and entertaining. 


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