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   I wish I could sum up this review by writing a big I DON'T KNOW across the middle. But I can't because a) that would make for a crappy review, and b) that doesn't make any sense.

But it's true, though. I don't know. I don't know how to feel about this book, how to review it, and more importantly, how to rate it. You see, The 5th Wave was my 2013 book. It was the book. I was so predisposed to love this book, that I let my hopes get way too high. I read the first 54 preview pages before the book came out, and I was hooked.

Sadly, things didn't go as expected.

My biggest problem with the book can be summed up in two words: Evan Walker. You see, the moment Mr. Evan was introduced, things starting to go down hill for me. He is a walking cliche. Good looks? Check. Weird attitude? Check. Lurking around Cassie? Check. Being a complete and total pushover? You guessed it.. check. For a guy that was supposed to be 18-19, he sometimes acted like he was 12. I can discuss freely what it is that got me mad at the existence of Evan Walker, but that would involve spoilers.

So spoilers it is...

Don't click on the spoiler unless you already read the book, or have no intention whatsoever of reading it.

On a more positive note, I really like Yancey's writing. It's simplistic, but it sounds exactly like how a sixteen year old girl would. Also, the way his sentences form themselves really builds up the suspense.

There are about a hundred other positive and rather gushing reviews of this book, like this or this, so I would advise you check them out first before forming an opinion. I really hate to be the black sheep out of all the positive reviews, but alas, it happened. I should add that apart from it's flaws, this is a pretty addicting book. The kind you might finish in one sitting. There's a lot of action and suspense that makes for an entertaining read. 


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