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Me is mad. Me is really, really pissed. I just stumbled over this article that discusses why girls hate Game of Thrones. Oh, wait, you're a girl that likes Game of Thrones? I'm sorry. I don't think you're entitled to that opinion. Are you sure you don't want to rethink that? Because according to the article, this show is not for you.

The thing is, I have recently developed an obsession with Game of Thrones. It's very unusual for me to watch the adaptation before the actual book, but alas, it happened. I do plan on reading the books soon however. Ok, so back to the article. This particular article infuriated me. The idea that there are simple rules as to why our gender might hate a certain work of art is ridiculous. Whatever happened to tastes? Why do you mix personal tastes with genders? Here's an insightful example:

 It’s hard to follow. Brilliantly developed storylines are great, but whipping out a dry erase board and Venn diagrams to figure it all out isn’t our idea of a good time. Unless we’re talking about soap operas. Those are perfectly fine.

I hear ya! I mean, being the silly woman I am, I couldn't really understand why they're all bitching about. I mean guyzzz, seriously, can any other woman tell the difference between Tywin, Tyrion, and Tyrell? Ofcourse not! It's so goddamn confusing for us handicapped, retarded women. Why don't they like, explain everything in subtitles? Ugh, so hard. My brain go mush.

 On a more serious notion, though. The fuck? You think that is why a woman might not like a certain TV show? Because it's oh so complicated? I don't need to point out how misogynistic this is. Matter of fact, I don't need to elaborate on that point any more. I mean, for all I know, all that thinking might cause fumes to come out of my little teenie weenie brain.

We hate gross things. Know what’s gross? Screwing your sibling.

No, you hate gross things. And that's completely fine, but don't generalize. I wouldn't recommend this TV show to some of my friends, and not because they're girls, but because I know the gory scenes might disturb them. For example, I doubt my brother would make it through one episode. He hates watching gory scenes. I, on the other hand, don't really mind. It's not a reason to turn me off from watching the show. It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others. And while we are on that note, the notion that girls get frightened/grossed out easily is not entirely true. Do you have any idea the amount of crap women have to go through?

And now on tips on how to make us like Game of Thrones:

Tell us about the romantic crap. Yes, latch onto that one fraction of a second in that one episode that made her go “awwww.”

Yes, because normally that's all what we care about. Matter of fact, I don't remember any thing about the show expect that one time Robb Stark was being extra romantic. I was about to go "aaawwww" but then there was this stupid war over some ugly ass thrones. I mean, the throne is like what, a hundred years old? Ewwww, I wouldn't fight over that! 

I wonder if whoever wrote this article actually has any touch with reality. While going through my friend's reviews, I always find the part that they hated the most in a book was the romance. It's true, romance is appreciated, and that's why a lot of books "aimed" at women revolve around romantic relationships. But again, why the generalization? If this was a romance-centered series, I don't think it would have held my attention. I like the war aspect more, and I'm sure others do. Plus, who said Game of Thrones doesn't have romance? Oh right, it's because romance is downplayed, and again our teenie weenie brain wouldn't be able to detect it. I wonder if I should write to HBO about that subtitles thingie. 

There's more reasons to make you want to pull your hair out, but I'm done with that. The entire article doesn't make sense. But here's the thing, this isn't just about Game of Thrones. Even in the book world, you find genres like chick lit. I can spend days explaining why I hate this term and how degrading it is. The idea that women are only interested in one genre of literature which tadaaaa is all about romance is ridiculous. Literature is for everyone. If a guy wants to read a Nic Sparks book, he shouldn't ask the bookselller where the "chick lit" section is. True, that story was written and aimed at women, but by referring to the genre by what can only mean "women only" limits anyone who wants to actually read that genre. Acutally, there was this one article I read about how a book was marketed as "Game of Thrones for Girls." Soon after, Leigh Bardugo tweeted this:

I couldn't agree more. We don't need a modified version of Game of Thrones that suits our "needs", because we don't have the same interests. If you think marketing a book "for girls" will result in all girls liking said books then you're sorely mistaken. We are not a cut out board, all functioning the same way and liking the same things. Believe it or not, just like men, we fancy different things.

If you need another example, author Maureen Johnson tweeted how many guys ask her to put a non-girly cover on her books so they can read it. She responded by saying that authors have no say whatsoever as to what goes on the cover of their books. Marketing tends to put a "certain" type of covers for female-written books.  She later encouraged people to do alternate covers for books, had the gender of the author been different. Guess what, here's an imagination of Game of Thrones, written by Goergette R. Martin

You can read the full thing at CuddleBuggery.

In the end, I'm a girl. I love Game of Thrones, and you sure as hell don't get to tell me what I like and what I don't. Also, I like playing football.


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