Why I Read?




  You know, there comes a moment when I start wondering why I waste all my money on books and all my time on reading when I could be putting it into .. different things? Like maybe buying myself some new clothes or *ahem* studying. Usually, when that question pops up, there's no book in my hands. That little question gets bigger and bigger, and I wonder if maybe, just maybe, I might be reading too much. I know, I know, there is no such thing as reading too much, but my little evil mind can't help but wonder.

    Fast forward a day or two, and I pick up one of the books I've been dying to read for quite sometime. Pages turn,  and it's not too long until I find myself saying 'THIS. THIS IS WHY I READ, DARN IT'

     I read because I know there's a book out there that will convince me to put everything aside (even sleep) until I finish it.

     I read because to those around me, I might seem motionless, quietly flipping pages, while really, I'm laughing at something Ron said. Or fangirling over Akiva. Or facing a demon. Or falling in love. Or, or...

    I read because between those pages there are characters that I have come to know and love.

   I read as a way of escaping the mundane reality.

   I read because, in my head, I just directed, edited and acted an entire movie based off of the book.

... So dear evil mind, next time you question my favourite hobbby, see above.


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