Sentenced To 30 Days Without Reading



     Unless the apocalypse is coming, you have no good reason to stop read, right? Wrong. I'm one of those people who'd sit by the window reading while people are running from the invading aliens/ earthquake outside. However, these days, something much, much important is happening to me. My finals are up, which means for 30 long, excruciating days, I won't so much as open a book. I'm fine with reading during an apocalypse, but not before my exams.. 

Oh, shut up, Ron!

So, by all means, I'm on a reading withdrawal right now. You see, 2013 is when I really got into reading. Up until the last few days, there was not a week I spent without reading. 16 books in two and a half month is something, right? So you can imagine how this has been hard for me. Dear friends reading, I'm writing on the 7th day of my month-long journey, and let me tell you what I discovered:

   First:  My mind is not my friend. 

    That little son of a... bing that's taking up space in my head is my new found enemy. Let me tell you why. Usually, before deciding to write a review, that mother.. plucker always discourages me. My mind keeps doubting my ability to write a decent review without sounding like a 12 year old. But now? He's all like 'you're the best reviewer ever. Just pick up a book to review'. Yeah, right. You think I'm going to fall for this trick? Well, maybe I will, and that brings us to..

    Second: My books stare at me. 

I'm not going to yell half-obscenities at my books because, A: It's immoral of a book blogger to call books bad names, and B: I'm running out of rhyming words to replace real swears. But it's true, my book stare at me. Not the old ones I already read. No, no, the NEW ones. Oh, yes. You see, to compensate for my lack of reading, I started buying every time I had paper in my wallet. So they just sit here and stare, begging me to read them. They.Keep.Staring.

   Third: Netgalley is like the worst drug dealer EVER. 

If books are my drug, then Netgalley might as well be one of my drug dealer. And a lousy ass one at that. He's the drug dealer that doesn't answer your calls when you're low on stash, but once you're sobering up, BAM , he's holding a summer discount on drugs. OK, maybe that wasn't the best metaphor ever, but it's true. For a month now all my requests were being rejected, but just yesterday I got invited to read a book that looks pretty awesome. I just hope whoever is behind Netgalley doesn't pursue a career of drug dealing. If they do, they're pretty much screwed.

Which brings me to the question: How to survive 30 days without reading?! Sure, I can pretend the beta-reading I do isn't  actually reading, but that just doesn't cut it. Have you ever been in a similar position? 


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