Eden (Eden #1) by Janelle Stalder


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"Trapped within the cruel world of hormones and bullies, fifteen-year-old Aiden is convinced life has more to offer him. His instincts are proven correct on the night he is awakened by a voice calling to him from outside his window. As he sleepily peers into his yard, his eyes slowly focus on a woman who says she is there to take him to Eden. Aiden is about to fulfill the life purpose he never knew he had.

It is in Eden, a land on the brink of war, where Aiden will finally learn to trust himself and those around him. Accompanied by Wolf, his sidekick Logan, and the beautiful archer, Elisa, Aiden is soon thrust into a battle to save Eden. Meanwhile Elisa, the only girl in the King’s Army, is in the midst of her own struggles. Betrothed to a man she has no intention of marrying, Elisa is caught between the need to prove herself and her desire for true happiness. And now that she has met Aiden, she is more confused than ever."
Rating: 5/5 stars!

I must say, I had high hopes going into this book. As high as one's hopes can get considering it's an indie book. I thought it would stand out amongst the other indie books I've been reading lately. You know, I expected somewhat good writing, a few spelling and grammar mistakes thrown here and there, and characters that I can somewhat relate to... 

But good heavens was I in for a surprise. 

I don't know if I should dance around in joy that I found this hidden gem, or actually be sad that books like these remain relatively unknown while the likes of Twilight and 50 Shades get published. This is not one of the books that I would lable as "good" or "nice". This is one kickass book. I'm writing this review a day after reading the book, but the story and characters are still fresh in my head. I think it's going to be for a while. 

In our world, Aiden blends in, barely noticable in his high school. To add to matters, he is constantly getting bullied. That is, untill one night a cloaked woman comes for him. She is here to take him to Eden, a world that coexists along with ours. There, Aiden learns what he is capable of. 

I could blabber on and on about Eden it self. It's a medieval place, where war is about to start. I think this is one of the few YA books that would appeal to both genders out there. I hadn't even realized how much I loved a medieval setting, and how much the strategies of war would fascinate me untill I read this book. There is also quite the romance going on. Only difference between this and other books, is how romance is handled, considering it's a medieval setting, that has everything from mistresses to servants.

The characters were a joy ot read about. Each and everyone of them was vividly portrayed and had his own persona. There is the charming Wolf, his best friend Logan, and the kickass Elisa. I felt so connected to the characters, that at one point I found myself .. ahem.. crying... only a little bit..

Oh who am I kidding. I was crying my eyes out

Who am I kidding? I was crying my eyes out. 

Oh, and It wasn't even a sad scene. 
Whatever. Can we move on?

Anyway, off to the writing. I don't know what to say except that the writing was excellent. There was no mistakes, so I couldn't help but loose myself. This is what I love about those kind of books. I kind of give up on figuring what the author plans next, and just fall into the sotry and let it guide me. I like how Janelle gives you both sides of the story. She gives life and background to both sides at war, the northern army and the High King army. This, I think, made it a much complicated story, and it kept me shifting my alliance (yes I just said alliance) between both sides.

There is so much world building, and background story and complicated relationships that I'm not sure if just one review will do it justice. The ending, although not exactly a cliffhanger, left me wanting more. I'd recommend this for everyone. No really, everyone. 

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