Eden-South (Eden #3)


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Rating: 4/5 stars! 

You know that feeling when you're reading an emotional part in a book, and you feel a lump starting to form in your throat? And you're starting to fight little stupid tears because your family is siting beside you, and you're afraid for your mental reputation? Yeah probably. 

Now, do you know a book that made you feel that way several times? Probably not. 

It takes me a lot of courage to admit just how much this book moved me. Some scenes are just so beautifully written, you can't help it. 

The second book in the series might have fell a little compared to the first one, but Eden-South picks right up and reminds me why I came to appreciate this series so much. This installment is an emotional bomb, that's for sure. Halfway through the book I even started panicking. You see, I thought this would be the last book in the series, and the though of parting with all those characters hit me. Thankfully, there's a fourth book. 

But it also means I might have to wait an entire year for the next one. 

You're damn right Bellatrix/Hermione, I don't. 

But in all honesty, this book is worth the wait. I think the best aspect of this book was the different story lines finally coming together. All through the book, you have no idea how it's all going to end, because there's a lot going on. 

Now, I can talk about each character separately, but I doubt anything I say will be different. Every one of the characters is well developed, and has his/her own presence? Yeah, that's it. Well, except Rain. Technically speaking, she's not a poorly written character. I just found myself not so found of her. She's immature, which is not a surprise considering the position she put herself in. 

In the last book, it bugged me how the storyline somehow slowed down. This book, thankfully, picks up on that aspect. There's alot of war strategies and action to keep you glued to the pages. The intensity as the second battle comes close is immeasurable. Janelle really knows how to build up the anticipation to the point where you are skimming the pages just to know what happens next. Yet again, I was torn up as to who root for in the battle. Each leader has so much to loose , so you're left with this internal debate as to who you're wishing would win. 

Action aside, the emotional side of the book is one of the best in the entire series. I'm not sure I can coherently describe what happens, but there's some deep shit going on this time around. All the relationships are written in such a heartfelt way, you're practically thrown into their situation. 

I once came across a reviewer that was gushing about how a certain author makes use of every character they write. At the time, I just shrugged it of. But come to think about it, every character here is written for a reason. The foreshadowing makes this story much richer. 

I can't wait for the fourth book, but for now, I'll just have to sit around and wish Wolf was not a fictional character *sigh*.Don't forget to check out my blog on the 3oth of March for a huge giveaway of the Eden series.

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