My Top 5 YA Male Characters


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     Whether they are there to make you swoon or infuriate you, male characters are a key piece to any novel, especially YA novels. I've put a list of some of my favourite YA Male characters that I've read  in late 2012/ early 2013.

   5. Alex Sheethes from Delirium
Isn't that picture a dead on portrayal of Alex? It's just what I had in mind! Anyway, so I know there wasn't actually much focus on Alex in Delirium. He was just your typical crush-worthy boy, but the romance between him and Lena is what put him up on that list. I personally prefer the characters to be more flawed and, well, quirky. Alex wasn't. But all in all, he's a good character, and a better love interest than most of the ones out there.


4. Tucker from Unearthly
Tucker was one of the first characters I swooned over the last year. He is the closest to a "man" a teenage character could ever get. No angst,  inner demons or daddy issues here fellas. Just a purely cool, sweet, and sexy guy. If you have read Unearthly, you'll understand how "sweet" and "sexy" can apply to the same character. Yup, Cynthia is just that good.
      Also, if you read Unearthly, then you must remember that scene. You know, the one after Clara and Tucker are done having dinner with his family. Yup, that one. I don't know why, it just had me in tears. And it's not even a sad scene! It's just the imagery and description Cynthia wrote in that scene was amazing. 

3. Akiva From Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I know, I know. I should stop posting those fan fiction pictures of the characters, but come on. Doesn't he have Akiva written all over him? He even have a widow's peak!
Akiva, for me, was more of a well-written character than anything else. He is a tortured, mysterious guy, which is just how every other male character in YA novels is described, I know. But Laini made something special from him. He isn't a literary cliche,  he's just the most sensitive male character I have ever read. And while that is always a turn-off for me (I'm not into confess-my-love-on-Oprah kind of guys) Akiva was just perfect.

2.Isaiah from Dare You To 

Isaiah is just that tattooed, tortured and dangerous kind of guy that everyone tells you to stay away from. Except he isn't, and you shouldn't. I only read Dare You To, but his friendship with Beth, his loyalty and devotion to her brought him closer to my heart than any other character out there. He might be a low-life, screw-up, but he's my kind of low-life screw-up. The next book in Pushing the Limits, is all about Isaiah's story. I don't remember ever being excited about a book like this one. 

And the number one male character is.... *drumroll*

1. Connor from Unwind

If you asked me beforehand who was my favourite male character, I'm pretty sure Connor wouldn't have remotely made it into my mind. But after giving it some thought, it turns out he is! You see, Connor isn't one of those characters written to be swooned after. Meaning: half the novel isn't dedicated to how good he looks or how fit he is. Actually, come to think about it, his looks weren't really mentioned all that much in the book. But, the thing is, while most of the teenage guys in novels sound unrealistically mature and stable, he isn't. He's a teenager with all the meaning that the word might carry. He is sometimes immature, easy to loose his temper, flawed (didn't I mention I like them flawed?) but all that makes him one of the most realistic characters I've read. He's that kind of teenager that every girl should date. There really isn't enough words to describe how much I love his character, or why he made it to this list. I mean, Unwind was pretty much the last place I though I would find my next literary crush. Not that I'm complaining though...

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