How To Survive Valentine's Day


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How To Survive Valentine's Day 

OK, so I know most of my posts are either book reviews or book-related, but since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought why not enlighten the masses with my non-ending wittiness? So here I am writing a guide on how to survive Valentine's Day.

Yeah, it doesn't get worse than this.

This is dedicated to all the single ladies out there.

1)Stay at home. There is nothing better than calling it a night on Valentine's and enjoying some quality time. Plus, if you go out, you will see presents, balloons, happy couples and love all around the air. Yeah, it sucks.

2)Pick the right movie, So, considering that you took my previous advice, you are now spending the day at home. And what better way to entertain yourselves than turning the evening into a movie night? However, beware the kind of movies you pick. Here are movies that are OFF limits on Valentine's Day. (Hint: they all trigger self-loathing)

             *Any- and I mean any- movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel (Especially A Walk to Remember)
             *Valentine's Day (Ironic, eh?)
             * Pride and Prejudice
             * Twilight (Oh, wait, that movie is also not advised for the other 364 days)
           ... you get the idea.

3)Eat, oh yes! If you're on a diet, then Valentine's your free day. Eat all the food you ever wanted. Go CRAAAHHAAZY. You earned it.

And most importantly, Enjoy the day. Valentine's is one of the cheesiest holidays there is, so you're better off anyway.

*Please note that this entire article is meant for laughter and enjoyment, and none of the previous content should be taken seriously.


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